'We know lots of things that we shouldn't know': Kids, parents talk shooting

(Photo: David Friedman / NBC News)

NEWTOWN, Conn. — It’s not a conversation parents expect they’ll have with their kids: But Shari and Andrew Paley were doing just that, talking with their identical twins, Ben and Ethan, about the shooting at their school that left 20 of their fellow students dead. 

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Saturday Night Live pays tribute to Newtown, Conn. victims

A powerful cold open from Saturday Night Live last night featured the New York Children’s Chorus singing “Silent Night” to pay tribute to the victims in Newtown, Conn.

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NBC News Special Coverage: #NBCPolitics

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Would Mitt Romney’s tax cuts really cost $5 trillion, as President Obama claimed in tonight’s debate, or be paid for by the elimination of tax loopholes? NBC First Read brings you …


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"I should say, the guy or gal who runs the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Twitter feed has a hidden sense of humor that I love. I don’t know who the person is, I should find out, but they’ve got a fun little snark that’s surprising given that it’s a newspaper and you’d expect a sober, neutral tone."

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