Meteor warning system in the works, but far from ready

(Photo: Yekaterina Pustynnikova / AP)

There aren’t yet any advance warning systems that could give Earthlings a heads-up before an untracked space rock hits. But a telescope project in Hawaii aims to change that, and potentially provide a chance for those in threatened areas to evacuate.

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Hundreds injured as meteor fireball screams across the sky in Russia

(Photo: Yekaterina Pustynnikova / via AP)

A huge meteorite flared through the skies over Russia’s Chelyabinsk region early Friday, triggering a powerful shock wave that injured hundreds of people.

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Amazing Leonid meteor shower photos captured by stargazers

(Photo: Scott Tully)

The Leonid meteor shower peaked early Saturday, and some night sky watchers caught a great view.

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Meteor chunk falls on Calif. home

(Photo: Erin Murphy / NBC Bay Area)

A chunk of meteorite struck the house of a San Francisco Bay Area resident, landing in her backyard, after a meteor streaked through the sky on Wednesday evening.

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