Still shoeless, man in viral photo not homeless, officials say

(Photo: Jennifer Foster via Facebook)

He may be shoeless, but he is not homeless.

Jeffrey Hillman, the barefoot recipient of boots from an NYPD officer last month, has an apartment in the Bronx, officials told the News 4 I-Team. 

Cop who bought shoes for homeless man ‘really didn’t think about the money’

(Photo: TODAY)

A member of the NYPD who was snapped buying a pair of new boots on a cold night for a barefoot homeless person earlier this month said he felt compelled to help the man.

“The two things that really stuck out in my mind that night was just how cold it was and that this was the most polite gentleman I ever met, and I knew I had to help him,” Officer Lawrence DePrimo said Friday on TODAY.

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