Intern goes viral in Supreme Court ‘foot race’ video

(Video: Daniel Wein via Vine)

NBC legal correspondent Pete Williams broke the news about the historic Supreme Court decision on gay marriage on Wednesday within minutes after justices issued their ruling, thanks to one intern’s fast and fancy footwork.

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Soda or pop? Coo-pon or cyu-pon? Maps reveal how America speaks

(Map: Joshua Katz)

Is it soda or pop? PEE-can or pick-AHN? Coo-pon or cyu-pon? You likely have opinions on each of these questions — very strong opinions, opinions you would fight to the death to defend! 

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Leno’s ‘Pumpcast’ singing couple insists it wasn’t staged

(Photo: TODAY)

Monifa and Will Sims became Internet sensations after “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” showed them singing impromptu karaoke at a gas station, but critics are now suggesting their performance was staged. The couple address the issue with TODAY’s Matt Lauer, insisting, “that’s just us.”

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‘Grumpy Cat’ becomes artistic muse for online auction

(Photo: Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment)

She’s been an Internet celebrity, morning show guestSouth by Southwest star and magazine cover girl. And now, Tardar Sauce aka “Grumpy Cat,” the sourpuss that’s spawned a million memes, can add a new role to the list: Artist’s muse. 

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F-bomb anchor: Watching viral clip ‘was gut-wrenching’

(Photo: TODAY)

Watching his profanity-laced flub for the first time was “gut-wrenching,” fired local anchor A.J. Clemente told TODAY Wednesday.

Just 15 seconds into his very first broadcast as the new weekend news anchor for NBC affiliate KFYR in North Dakota on Sunday, he dropped an F-bomb and an S-bomb on air.

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MDs warn teens: Don’t take the cinnamon challenge

(Photo via YouTube)

Don’t take the cinnamon challenge. That’s the advice from doctors in a new report about a dangerous prank depicted in popular YouTube videos that has led to hospitalizations and a surge in calls to U.S. poison centers.

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Mass. couple: Officer bringing milk during lockdown ‘meant the world’

(Photo courtesy Kevin Wells)

When Kevin and McKenzie Wells posted the photo on Facebook, they simply meant to say thanks for a kind act. 

But when they uploaded the picture, of a local police officer’s thoughtful act in the midst of the manhunt for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, it went viral.

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'Reasons My Son is Crying' dad: 'Every parent experiences meltdowns'

(Photo: reasonsmysoniscrying / Tumblr)

Greg Pembroke is as patient a dad as he can be, but with two boys under 4, his fortitude gets tested quite a bit. Instead of letting those youngsters get the better of him, the Rochester, N.Y., dad decided to have a little fun.

Pembroke, 32, is the father behind the latest viral parenting blog, the Tumblr page aptly titled, “Reasons My Son Is Crying,” a collection of photographs of his younger son, 20-month-old Charlie, in various states of distress.

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This sea lion grooves to a disco beat

(Photo: C. Reichmuth / UCSC)

Ronan the sea lion is as cute as a cockatoo when she bobs her head in time with "Boogie Wonderland," but this isn’t just one more viral video: The researchers behind the experiment say it challenges current conceptions about how animals keep the beat.

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Anti-rape video in response to Steubenville trial coverage goes viral

(Photo via YouTube)

A young man hovers over a passed-out girl and invites his “bros” to see what he’ll do next. But the conclusion of this anti-rape video made in response to the Steubenville rape trial may surprise you.

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Veteran’s anonymous gift to soldier’s girlfriend goes viral

(Photo via Facebook)

A small gesture by an anonymous veteran paying it forward to a serviceman’s loved one has inspired more than one million fans, after a photo of the act of kindness went viral.

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'Real women' mannequins go viral

(Photo via Imgur)

A photograph of two mannequins with softer, more realistic body proportions than the average display dummy has re-ignited the debate over body image.

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Best obituary ever? Tribute to man who ‘took fashion cues from no one’ goes viral

(Photo: Stamps family)

A Mississippi man who only sported T-shirts designed by “fashion house Fruit of the Loom” and had a penchant for buttermilk served in martini glasses is bringing thousands of people joy in his afterlife, thanks to an obituary written by his daughter.

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Joke’s on you, nerds! Obama troll quote is greatest ‘Jedi mind meld’ ever

(Photo: The White House)

On Friday, President Barack Obama successfully distracted a tense nation from the mandatory spending cuts that are due to begin in mere hours through a sci-fi malapropism so egregious it caused the Twitterverse to explode … metaphorically, anyway.

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