Venezuela: Snowden has until Monday to respond to asylum offer

(Photo: Ariana Cubillos / AP file)

Venezuelan officials say they have not heard from Edward Snowden since the country offered the professed NSA leaker asylum, but would wait until Monday to hear if he would take up the offer. 

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Venezuela, Nicaragua offer asylum to NSA leaker Snowden

(Photo: The Guardian via Reuters)

The presidents of Venezuela and Nicaragua offered Friday to grant asylum to NSA leaker Edward Snowden, one day after leftist South American leaders gathered to denounce the rerouting of Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane over Europe amid reports that the American was aboard. 

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Venezuela to hold first post-Chavez election on April 14

(Photo: NBC News)

Venezuela will hold a presidential election on April 14, officials said on Saturday, as acting President Nicolas Maduro tries to benefit from an emotional outpouring for his late mentor, Hugo Chavez, and win his own term in office. 

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Dramatic exit: Heads of state gather for Hugo Chavez’s funeral

(Photo: Miraflores Palace)

Well-known fans of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez — from Cuban President Raul Castro and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to movie star Sean Penn and the Rev. Jesse Jackson — gathered in Caracas Friday to bid farewell to the ex-paratrooper and socialist revolutionary who dominated the nation for 14 years.

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Venezuelans pour into streets to mourn late leader Hugo Chavez

(Photo: Ricardo Mazalan / AP)

In somber procession, guards carried Chavez’s casket to Caracas’ Military Academy.

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Venezuela erupts in emotion as interim president takes over

(Photo: Ariana Cubillos / AP)

Hundreds of Venezuelans, poured into the streets of the country’s capital, Caracas, to mourn President Hugo Chavez after learning of his death Tuesday.

Chavez, 58, the socialist leader who ran Venezuela for 14 years, lost his two-year battle with cancer, which was first detected in his pelvic region in 2011.

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Venezuela’s Chavez says cancer has returned, he’s facing new operation in Cuba

(Photo: Miraflores Palace via Reuters)

CARACAS, Venezuela - President Hugo Chavez said on Saturday he would undergo another cancer operation after doctors in Cuba found a third recurrence of malignant cells in his pelvic area.

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Venezuela’s Chavez wins re-election, officials say

(Photo: Kimberly White / Reuters)

Updated at 11:06 p.m. ET: CARACAS - With 90 percent of the votes in, President Hugo Chavez was declared the winner in the Venezuela presidential election Sunday night. Chavez received 54 percent of the vote to serve an unprecedented third term after he changed the country’s constitution, NBC News reported.

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Enormous ball of fire as refinery burns for third day

(Photo: Marife Cuauro / Reuters)

Fuel storage tanks are seen on fire at Amuay oil refinery in Punto Fijo in the Peninsula of Paraguana in Venezuela on Aug. 27. A fire burned for a third day in two fuel storage tanks at Venezuela’s biggest refinery on Monday, putting in doubt plans to quickly restart the facility following an explosion that killed nearly 50 people.

19 dead, 53 hurt in massive explosion at Venezuela refinery

(Photo: Daniela Primera / AP)

A gas explosion at Venezuela’s Amuay refinery killed 19 people and injured at least 53, a state governor said Saturday.

Falcon state Gov. Stella Lugo said the victims included a 10-year-old boy.

"There’s no risk of another explosion," she told state TV earlier. "Right now, we’re attending to the injured."

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