'Blurred Lines' banned from campus bars at five UK universities

(Photo: Lucas Jackson / Reuters, file)

Five British universities have banned Robin Thicke’s hit single “Blurred Lines” from campus bars, amid claims it “excuses rape culture.”

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What will royal baby name be? ‘Diana,’ William’ top guesses

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The whole world is waiting to meet Prince William and Duchess Kate’s royal baby, and many have an opinion about when the newborn will arrive and what his or her name will be. TODAY is letting you guess the baby’s gender, name, and birthday by plugging in your picks at RoyalBabyGuess.com.

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Gay marriage legalized in Britain after queen gives royal stamp of approval

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Britain has legalized gay marriage after Queen Elizabeth II gave her royal stamp of approval on Wednesday.

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Black diner owner’s ‘I don’t bite’ sign sparks soul-searching about racism in UK

(Photo: Gabriel Szabo / Guzelian)

A diner owner has triggered soul-searching about racism in Britain after putting up a sign informing customers she is black and doesn’t “bite.”

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'Skyfall' passes 'Avatar' as biggest hit ever at UK box office

(Photo: Francois Duhamel / AP)

"Skyfall", the 23rd official James Bond movie, has become the most successful film in British box office history, earning 94.3 million pounds ($152 million), its producers said on Wednesday.

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Europe’s new tallest building: An ‘iceberg’ in heart of London or titanic $2.35B folly?

LONDON — Built at a cost of $2.35 billion in tough economic times, Europe’s new tallest skyscraper has become a lightning rod for criticism even before it officially opens Thursday.

Rising more than 1,000 feet above London’s skyline with floor space equivalent to 31.4 acres — or close to 15 football fields —  the Shard is Europe’s boldest and most extravagant building. It was funded by Qatar’s royal family, who boast pockets as deep as the tower is high.

But it’s more than just sheer size that gives the tower its swagger. The building’s design is already iconic. It’s crafted from 11,000 glass panels, which resemble shards of glass (hence, its name). They incline inwards as they rise to the top culminating in a sharp-angled jagged spire. The shards never touch and there are fissures along the way, which allow the entire structure to “breathe.”  

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