Twinkies (the real ones) back on store shelves in July

(Photo: Bret Hartman / Reuters)

Stand down Twinkies hoarders, you can start eating your secret stash.

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If you seek the final Twinkies, they’re in Chicago

(Photo: Dave Kaup / Reuters)

If you’re craving a Twinkies (and you’re in the Chicago area), you may have one more chance to get a box of the Hostess-baked cakes, but you have to be fast and lucky.

Despite US woes, Twinkies reign supreme on the Nile

(Photo: Charlene Gubash, NBC News)

Worried about the fate of those moist yellow sponge cakes with a creamy white center? Look no further. Twinkies still reign supreme in the land of pharaohs.

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Hostess terminating 15,000 employees after mediation fails

(Photo: Bret Hartman / Reuters)

It’s official. Twinkies are toast, at least as far as being a Hostess product is concerned.

Hostess CEO Gregory Rayburn testified at a bankruptcy hearing Wednesday that he will have to terminate 15,000 employees, effective right away, after a last-ditch mediation session failed Tuesday night to find agreement between the unions and Hostess Brands.

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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Fearing ‘SNL’ spoof, Gov. Christie dodges Twinkie ‘setup’

New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie suspects a setup when a reporter asks him to comment on the Hostess shutdown, saying “I’m on Saturday Night Live enough. You think you’re getting me behind this microphone and having me talk about Twinkies. You people are the worst.”

Will Twinkies be reborn through new Mexican ownership?

Next week may be Black Friday but sweets lovers across the nation hung their heads in sorrow on a dark Friday yesterday as Hostess announced they would cease making their line of products, which include the iconic Twinkies brand, because of the Bakers Union Strike.

Relax, Twinkies likely to live on

(Photo: Getty Images file)

They don’t really last indefinitely, but even if Hostess liquidates like the filling in a deep-fried Twinkie, the golden cakes still have a shot at outliving the company that makes them.

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Hostess, maker of Twinkies and Ding Dongs, says closing business

(Photo: Mark Lennihan / AP file)

Hostess Brands, baker of iconic Twinkies cakes, said Friday it asked a court’s permission to shut down the entire company after a strike crippled its operations.

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