Ice hotel takes shape in Lapland

(Photo: Jonathan Nackstrand / AFP - Getty Images)

Work goes on at the construction site of the new Ice Hotel in the village of Jukkasjarvi in Swedish Lapland. The Ice Hotel, which gets a new design and is reconstructed every year, is dependent upon constant sub-freezing temperatures during construction and operation. 

Swedish Stonehenge? Tomb may predate English site

(Photo: Annika Knarrström, Swedish National Heritage Board)

A 5,500-year-old tomb possibly belonging to a Stone Age chieftain has been unearthed at a megalithic monument in the shape of a ship called the Ale’s Stenar (Ale’s Stones). The tomb, in Sweden, was likely robbed of stones to build the Viking-era ship monument.

Thin and sexy is OK, tan is not, Swede ad board says

(Photo: H&M)

Cheap-chic clothing brand Hennes & Mauritz AB was reprimanded by the Swedish regulatory body for the advertising industry following a furor that erupted over bikini ads featuring a very tan model, although it dismissed complaints that the ads were sexually suggestive and that the model was overly thin.