Robin Williams inspires others to ‘come out’ about depression

(Photo: Reed Saxon/AP)

“I have never said how much suicide or depression has played a role in my life, and I thought it was time, it was time to just stop hiding.”

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30 percent of Iraq, Afghanistan veterans have mulled suicide: survey
Nearly one third of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have contemplated suicide, according to survey results released Wednesday, underscoring the dark depths of a mental-health crisis that has gripped the U.S. military and the American veteran community in recent years.
Military suicide rate hit record high in 2012

A crisis number has been launched for any active-duty member experiencing suicidal thoughts, or for military family members to call if they spot a mental-health disaster looming within their home: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

The enemy within: Soldier suicides outpaced combat deaths in 2012

(Photo: Andrew P. Johnson / The News Herald via AP)

More soldiers took their own lives than died in combat during 2012, new Department of Defense figures show. The Army’s suicide rate has climbed by 9 percent since the military branch launched its suicide-prevention campaign in 2009.

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