How many valedictorians is too many?

(Photo: Jim Craven for NBC News)

We’re all No. 1! As graduation season peaks, many high schools are recognizing clusters of valedictorians, forsaking a time and tradition when just one student received the honor.

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In some US schools, different races held to different standards

(Photo: NBC News)

Facing pressure from No Child Left Behind, states attempt to close the achievement gap between races.

See more from NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and explore our interactive map to see which states’ education goals vary by race.

BREAKING: Shooting reported at Connecticut elementary school

State police responded to reports of a shooting Friday at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., according to State Police Lt. Paul Vance.

In parts of China, BYO school supplies include desks

(Photo: Wang Zheng/Changjiang Times)

BEIJING – While millions of students all over the world return to school this month, youngsters in one part of China were expected to bring not just pencils and notebooks, but their own desks and chairs when school opened.  

New Jersey kids win $500,000 settlement after being forced to eat on school's gym floor

Seven students forced to eat lunch on their New Jersey school’s gymnasium floor for two weeks as punishment won a $500,000 legal settlement, their attorney said Tuesday.

The 2008 incident involved fifth-grade students at Charles Sumner Elementary School in Camden, N.J., who were disciplined after one child spilled water as he tried to lift a jug onto a cooler, according to lawyer Alan Schorr.