Taco Bell stops selling kids’ meals to focus on millennials

(Photo: Steve Helber / AP)

Taco Bell said Monday it will stop serving kids’ meals and toys, which weren’t boosting sales anyway.

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Restaurant bans kids under 18, saying parents need a ‘break’

(Photo: Michael Anderson)

Sidewalks in the hip neighborhood of Del Ray in Alexandria, Va., are often clogged with baby strollers and young parents—but that hasn’t stopped one new sushi restaurant from banning the 18-and-under crowd.

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Honeymoons Over My Hammy! Weddings at Denny’s

(Photo: Isaac Brekken / AP)

Can’t decide which you love more — your honey or maple syrup? If you’re in Las Vegas, you’re in luck. Behind its bright-yellow, abstract facade, the Denny’s restaurant in the Neonopolis district on Fremont Street (a short drive from the Strip) that opened last November is now accepting bookings for its in-house wedding chapel.  

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Twisted! Wendy’s offers a pretzel-esque burger bun

(Photo: Instagram user dez_flocka_bell, used with permission)

Continuing to try to cement its reputation as selling a better class of burger, Wendy’s is selling a bacon cheeseburger that sits on a pretzel-esque bun.

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Guy Fieri on critic: ‘He came in with a different agenda’

(Photo: TODAY)

Guy Fieri bit back at the New York Times restaurant critic who assailed his eatery, accusing him of having an “agenda.”

“I thought it was ridiculous, that to me was so overboard,” Fieri told TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie in his first interview since the controversy.

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McDonald’s begins testing breakfast at midnight

(Photo: Dick Whipple  /  AP)

McDonald’s has blanketed America with its restaurants, but opening new locations isn’t the only way the fast food superpower can grow.

There’s one untapped part of the U.S. market that the chain is now aiming for: the length of time between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.

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Alaska town gets free Taco Bell fare flown in after hoax

Residents of Bethel, Alaska, know from cable TV ads what the major fast-food chains offer: chicken at KFC, burgers at McDonald’s and tacos at Taco Bell.

They just haven’t been able to get any of it.

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Flagship McDonald’s in Olympic Park comes super sized

The newest McDonald’s built at Olympic Park in London is the world’s largest, and when the Olympics begin in July, it will also be the busiest.

The restaurant, which is one of four McDonald’s to be situated within the Olympic Park, will have a staff of 500, seat 1,500 and serve up to 14,000 people a day.

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