BREAKING: Police respond to reported shooting at Oregon high school


Portland reservoir to be drained after teen pees in water


'it’s going to be crippling': huge storm closes in on northeast

(Photo via The Weather Channel)

With more than 50 million Americans in its path and Boston in the crosshairs, a dangerous winter storm churned Friday into the Northeast, where thousands of schools were closed and thousands of flights canceled as forecasters warned of a whiteout.

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Woman stuck for hours in tiny space between walls

(Photo: KGW)

An Oregon woman was freed after dangling for hours in a narrow space between two buildings, where she had just eight inches of wiggle room in the early-morning cold as rescue teams worked to cut a pathway out for her.

Oregon shopping mall gunman identified; motive unclear

(Photo: Greg Wahl-Stephens / AP)

The masked gunman who killed two people and wounded a third in a shooting at an Oregon mall packed with holiday shoppers before committing suicide was identified Wednesday as Jacob Tyler Roberts, 22.

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Shots fired at mall in Portland, Oregon; multiple dead and wounded

(Photo: NBC News)

A shooting at a mall in Portland, Ore., on Tuesday afternoon left multiple dead and wounded, according to Lt. James Rhodes of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office. There was no confirmation of how many people were killed or hurt.

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Biker mama: Mother of six ditches SUV for super-sized bike

(Photo: Caters News Agency)

If a mother of six claimed that her daily workout consisted of wrestling her brood into and out of the family’s Suburban, many of us would say, “nicely done.” After all, getting that many bodies dressed, out the door and buckled in is no easy task. Now, if a mother of six said she had traded in her Suburban for a super-sized bicycle, many of us would say, “What the — what?!” But that’s exactly what Emily Finch of Portland, Ore. did (somehow we could have guessed she lives in Portland).

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