Pizza Hut reinstates manager fired after refusing to open Thanksgiving

(Photo: Tim Boyle / Getty Images)

After being fired for refusing to open his restaurant on Thanksgiving, a Pizza Hut manager has his job back.

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Gamers can order Pizza Hut straight from the Xbox — with hand gestures!

(Photo: Pizza Hut)

Long slave to the physical demands of picking up a phone, computer, smartphone, or tablet to place an order for food delivery, gamers can now create their own custom Pizza Hut pizzas — and order them — from their Xbox 360 console thanks to a unique partnership between Microsoft and the international chain.

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Three-hour tarmac ordeal turns into pizza party

(Photo: Jen Vazmina)

After severe weather forced an Atlanta-bound Delta flight to divert to Knoxville, Tenn., on Monday night, the ensuing three-hour tarmac wait turned into a pizza party when airport employees arranged for pies to be delivered to the waiting passengers, escorted by a police car.

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Eau de Pizza Hut? Company bakes up idea for perfume

(Photo: Courtesy Pizza Hut Canada)

At last, a perfume option for those who want nothing more than to be surrounded by the heavenly aroma of fresh pizza.

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