'Day of rage' protests Erupt in Jerusalem and the West Bank

(Photo: Abbas Momani / AFP - Getty Images)

Thousands of Israeli security forces were deployed around Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday as Palestinian leaders called for a “day of rage” after the biggest protests in years shook the West Bank overnight.

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Israeli strike hits U.N. school, killing at least 15

(Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis / AP)

Strike is the fourth time a U.N. facility has been hit in fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants

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Netanyahu says Hamas wants to ‘pile up the bodies’ for sympathy

(Photo: Baz Ratner / Pool via AP file)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Hamas on Monday for trying to “pile up the bodies” of its own Palestinian people to generate sympathy while it fires more rockets into Israel. 

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Israel and Hamas exchange intense missile fire

(Photo: Mohammed Saber / EPA)

At least 20 people were killed across Gaza on Tuesday, Palestinian officials said.

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Palestinian ambassador in Prague killed by security mechanism on safe sealed for 30 years: report
The Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic was killed in an explosion when he tried to get into a safe which had been sealed for 30 years, the Palestinian foreign minister said.

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Kerry says Israel, Palestinians laid groundwork for new peace talks

(Photo: Mandel Ngan / Pool via AP)

Secretary of State John Kerry announced Friday that Israel and the Palestinians have laid the groundwork to resume stalled peace talks.

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'Amazing': Obama turns tourist in ancient city of Petra

(Photo: Larry Downing / Reuters)

PETRA, Jordan — President Barack Obama marveled at the sights of Jordan’s ancient city of Petra on Saturday as he wrapped up a four-day Middle East tour by setting aside weighty diplomatic matters and playing tourist for a day.

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Obama appeals to Israelis: Give justice to the Palestinians. 

President Barack Obama on Thursday urged the Israeli people to put themselves in the shoes of Palestinians and recognize their “right to self-determination, their right to justice.”

In a televised speech at the Jerusalem Convention Center, Obama said there should be “two states for two peoples.”

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Obama in West Bank: Palestinians ‘deserve a state of their own’

(Photo: NBC News)

President Barack Obama spoke critically of Israeli settlement activity in Palestinian territories and reaffirmed his commitment to the creation of “an independent and sovereign state of Palestine” in a Thursday news conference in the West Bank. 

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Smuggled sperm: Palestinians become dads from jail

(Photo: Alaa Badarneh / EPA, file)

TEL AVIV, Israel — It is surely among the strangest jail break stories ever conceived: a daring escapade in which a determined band of young women beat one of the toughest security regimes in the world.

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First weekend on job, Kerry calls Palestinian, Israeli, Canadian officials

(Photo: U.S. Senate Photographic Studio)

Incoming Secretary of State John Kerry had a busy first weekend on the job, calling Palestinian, Israeli, Turkish, Canadian and Mexican officials.

In his conversation Sunday with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Kerry said President Barack Obama “is very interested in the peace process and aware of the economic hardships of the Palestinian people,” Abbas spokesman Nabel Abu Rdeneh said.

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Arafat’s body exhumed; experts to investigate if he was poisoned

(Photo: Odd Andersen / AFP - Getty Images, file)

The remains of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat were exhumed from his grave on Tuesday — eight years after his death at age 75 — as part of an investigation into allegations that he was poisoned, according to official Palestinian radio. 

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With truce holding, children in Gaza return to school for the first time since fierce fighting began

(Photo: Bernat Armangue / AP)

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children headed back to school for the first time Saturday in 10 days, in another indication normal life was returning after cross-border violence in which 166 Palestinians and six Israelis were killed.

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Amid the ruins, Gazans say pity the living, not the dead

(Photo: Mohammed Saber / EPA)

Thousands of Palestinians filled Gaza City’s main square on Thursday to celebrate their “victory” in the latest round of violence with Israel, even as rescue workers were still sifting through the rubble of a home in the neighborhood of El Nasr on the city’s outskirts.

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