High School Horror: Oregon shooter brought AR-15 rifle on bus

(Photo: Steve Dipaola / Reuters)

Oregon police have identified the gunman in the Reynolds High School shooting as Jared Michael Patchett, a 15-year-old freshman at the school.

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Oregon high school shooting leaves two dead, sheriff says

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BREAKING: Police respond to reported shooting at Oregon high school

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BREAKING: Judge strikes down ban on gay marriage in Oregon

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Portland reservoir to be drained after teen pees in water

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Teen daughters find strength to lift 3,000-pound tractor off father

(Photo: Jesse Skoubo / Mid-Valley Sunday)

A man who was pinned by his overturned tractor and losing breath with each scream says he was saved by his two teenage daughters, who found the strength to lift the ton-and-a-half machine.

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Drug buyer butt-dials 911, police say, leading to arrest in Oregon

Butt-dialing has led to many embarrassing situations, but police say that for one Oregon drug dealer, it could lead to jail.

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'it’s going to be crippling': huge storm closes in on northeast

(Photo via The Weather Channel)

With more than 50 million Americans in its path and Boston in the crosshairs, a dangerous winter storm churned Friday into the Northeast, where thousands of schools were closed and thousands of flights canceled as forecasters warned of a whiteout.

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Oregon bakery refuses to make same-sex wedding cake

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GRESHAM, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Justice is looking into a complaint that a Gresham bakery refused to make a wedding cake for a same sex marriage.

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Woman stuck for hours in tiny space between walls

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An Oregon woman was freed after dangling for hours in a narrow space between two buildings, where she had just eight inches of wiggle room in the early-morning cold as rescue teams worked to cut a pathway out for her.

Swarming police response in mall shooting highlights ‘paradigm shift’ since Columbine

(Photo: Steve Dipaola / Reuters)

A gunman wielding a stolen semi-automatic rifle and several fully loaded magazines opens fire inside a shopping mall teeming with as many as 10,000 people. Yet, only two people are killed and one wounded. Sheer luck, or were authorities and mall officials well-prepared?

Probably a bit of both, say law enforcement and security experts, some of whom credit new police tactics and better security training at schools and public venues for helping to minimize the casualties at the Clackamas Town Center near Portland, Ore.

"Ever since Columbine, there’s been a paradigm shift," said Mark Lomax, executive director of the National Tactical Officers Association. "In the past, it was the standard protocol if there was a shooting incident or a barricade suspect or a hostage situation, the first responder would secure and contain the crime situation until the SWAT team or negotiators or bomb techs would arrive."

Oregon shopping mall gunman identified; motive unclear

(Photo: Greg Wahl-Stephens / AP)

The masked gunman who killed two people and wounded a third in a shooting at an Oregon mall packed with holiday shoppers before committing suicide was identified Wednesday as Jacob Tyler Roberts, 22.

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Shots fired at mall in Portland, Oregon; multiple dead and wounded

(Photo: NBC News)

A shooting at a mall in Portland, Ore., on Tuesday afternoon left multiple dead and wounded, according to Lt. James Rhodes of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office. There was no confirmation of how many people were killed or hurt.

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Rose-Tu, an 18-year-old Asian elephant, gave birth to a 300-pound female calf at the Oregon Zoo at 2:17 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 30.

(Photo: Michael Durham / Oregon Zoo)

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Driver rescued from truck as it dangles from overpass

(Photo: Beaverton Police Department)

A driver crashed into a railing on the Southwest Denny Road overpass in Beaverton, Ore., and was stuck dangling over Highway 217 on Nov. 24.

Traffic was stopped in both directions as crews worked to get the driver out of the truck. He did not appear to be hurt. The crash happened around 3:40 p.m.

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