Police moved into a downtown Atlanta park and arrested around 50 Occupy Wall Street protesters who had been encamped there for about two weeks early Wednesday, while across the country in Oakland, Calif., officers in riot gear stood watch after clashes there with demonstrators overnight.

Numerous camps that have sprung up around the country as protesters rally against what they see as corporate greed and a wide range of other economic issues. The protests have attracted a wide range of people, including college students looking for work and the homeless.

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Old guard back in the trenches at ‘Occupy’ protests- Older activists — some hobbling along on canes and leg braces — are quickly becoming a presence at “Occupy” protests across the country. And the veterans of the civil rights movement, anti-Vietnam war protests and anti-nuclear proliferation demonstrations appear to be relishing being back in the struggle, supporting the “kids” and mobilizing other seniors to join in.

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Who is occupying Wall Street? Not just your average Joe: Retired New York City couple Elizabeth and Dennis Carbone have made a few trips to the camp since the protest began on September 17. At one time, they were resident managers of a corporate bed-and-breakfast. They had to live in a shelter once, and now a dispute over their rent may land them there again. Their 51-year-old son died from an illness earlier this year, just a few days after his home went into foreclosure.

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