Moscow student storms school, kills 2 and takes 20 hostage

(Photo: Maxim Shemetov / Reuters)

A teenager stormed his school in Moscow on Monday, shooting dead a teacher and a police officer and taking 20 of his classmates hostage, officials said. Within two hours, Russian police and soldiers had entered the school and disarmed and arrested the shooter.

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TGI Fridays, Irish pubs and free Wi-Fi: Welcome to Edward Snowden’s airport hideaway

(Photo: Ghazi Balkiz / NBC News)

If self-proclaimed NSA leaker Edward Snowden has the means, he might just be able to survive indefinitely in the transit zone of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport.

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At least 36 dead as fire rages through Russian psychiatric hospital

(Photo: Pavel Sergeyev / AP)

At least 36 people were feared dead after a fire raged through an isolated psychiatric hospital north of Moscow on Friday, killing some patients in their beds and others who were trapped by barred windows.

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Almost $50 billion left Russia illegally in 2012, bank chief says

(Photo: Grigory Dukor / Reuters)

MOSCOW - Nearly $50 billion was transferred out of Russia illegally in 2012 and more than half this sum may have been controlled by a single group of people, the country’s central bank said on Wednesday. 

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Russia meterorite fragments worth 40 times more than gold

(Photo: Alexander Khlopotov / Urals Federal University Press Service via AP)

MOSCOW — A meteor that exploded over Russia’s Ural Mountains and sent fireballs blazing to Earth has set off a rush to find fragments of the space rock which hunters hope could fetch thousands of dollars apiece.

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Jet rolls off Moscow runway, splits apart

(Photo: Alexander Usoltsev / AP)

MOSCOW — A Russian airliner split into pieces after it slid off the runway and crashed onto a highway outside Moscow on Saturday, killing at least four of the 12 crew on board and leaving smoking chunks of fuselage on the icy road.

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Moscow police nab Greenpeace polar bear protesters

(Photo: Misha Japaridze / AP)

The Associated Press reports — Put your paws in the air.

Moscow police have arrested 10 environmental activists, including four dressed in polar bear costumes, who were protesting outside the main office of Gazprom, the Russian oil and natural gas giant.

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A caffeinated masterpiece stands tall in Moscow

According to participants and event organizers, the artwork that occupies an area of about 30 square meters has been considered the biggest picture in history made of coffee beans.

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