London’s Apollo Theatre partially collapses during performance

(Photo: Joel Ryan / AP)

A rescue operation was underway Thursday night in London after a section of the Apollo Theatre collapsed during a performance, injuring dozens in the audience.

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Three 'slaves' rescued in London were shackled by 'invisible handcuffs,' police say

Three women who police say lived as slaves in a London house with their captors for 30 years were shackled by “invisible handcuffs,” investigators said Saturday.


Three women rescued from 'slavery' after 30 years in London home - police

Three women were rescued from a south London house where they were believed to have been held captive for more than 30 years in a “barbaric” ordeal, authorities said Thursday. 


'It is hotter than anywhere I've ever been': London skyscraper melts cars, fries eggs

(Photo: Leon Neal / AFP - Getty Images)

A futuristic-looking skyscraper under construction in London has been blamed for melting cars and setting fire to furnishings in a nearby shop.

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner catches fire at London Heathrow airport

(Photo: NBC News)

Boeing’s ill-fated 787 Dreamliner was involved in another incident Friday when a jet caught fire at London’s Heathrow airport, forcing the closure of both runways for more than an hour.

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Are ‘lone wolf’ attacks the new path to terror?

(Photo: Justin Tallis / AFP - Getty Images)

The slaying of a soldier in London, as well as the Boston bombings, points to the possible emergence of a new trend — unsophisticated attacks that are almost impossible to prevent.

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Slain London soldier was ‘loving father’ who served in Afghanistan

(Photo: Ministry of Defence

The British soldier brutally killed in London in a suspected terror attack was a drummer in a military band who had served in Afghanistan, officials said on Thursday.

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'Sickening and barbaric': Man killed in suspected London terror attack

(Photo: Alastair Grant / AP)

A man, reported to be a British soldier, was attacked and killed by knife-wielding assailants on a London street in broad daylight Wednesday in what is being investigated as an ideologically motivated terror attack.

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London marathon kicks off with a moment of silence

(Photo: Luke Macgregor / Reuters)

Undaunted by the Boston Marathon bombings, big crowds lined the route of the London Marathon on Sunday to cheer on some 36,000 runners who paid their respects to the Boston victims by wearing black ribbons and holding a 30-second silence before the start.

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UK bids farewell to ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher

(Photo: Gerry Penny / EPA)

LONDON — Some had slept in the streets to guarantee a good spot to watch her body pass by on a gun carriage, but others said they were glad she was gone: Margaret Thatcher’s funeral proved as divisive as the 11 years she spent as Britain’s prime minister.

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Anti-Thatcher party in London draws hundreds

(Photo: Tal Cohen / EPA)

Hundreds of opponents of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher partied in London’s Trafalgar Square to celebrate her death, sipping Champagne and chanting “Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead.”

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No GPS! Aspiring London taxi drivers memorize a tangle of streets

(Photo: Carl Court / AFP - Getty Images)

A student ponders while drawing routes on a map of London in a test centre in north London. All London black cab drivers are required to pass the Knowledge in order to be issued with a Hackney Carriage Licence. On average, between three and four years are needed to acquire this knowledge.

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'Pure evil': UK father of 17 killed six of his own kids in a house fire

(Photo: Rui Vieira / AP)

LONDON — A father was found guilty of starting a fire that killed six of his own children as part of a disastrous plot to frame his former mistress, in a horrific case that has prompted an emotional debate about Britain’s welfare system.

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Liver kept ‘alive’ outside body in medical first

(Photo: University Of Oxford / Reuters)

LONDON - A donated human liver has been kept alive, warm and functioning outside a human being on a newly-developed machine and then successfully transplanted into patients in a medical world first.

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'Batman' drops off suspect at police station, vanishes into night

(Photo: West Yorkshire Police via Reuters)

LONDON - A mystery man dressed as Batman demonstrated the same crime-fighting skills as the caped crusader when he handed over a suspect wanted for burglary in Britain.

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