Missing document signed by Lincoln accidentally found at Pennsylvania college

(Photo: Ralph Wilson / AP)

A long-missing certificate with Abraham Lincoln’s signature was found last week at a college in Pennsylvania by the school president, who knew it was there but had never looked for it.

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(Source: nbcnews.com)

'Lincoln,' 'Life of Pi,' top Oscar nominations

(Photos: Warner Bros., DreamWorks, Univer)

The Academy Awards are a lively, high-spirited event, but many of the films nominated Thursday morning feature grim topics. From the waterboarding of “Zero Dark Thirty” to the desperation and revolution of “Les Miserables,” movies this time around were rewarded for tackling dark subject matter with skill. Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” led all comers with 12 nominations, with Ang Lee’s ”Life of Pi” next with 11.

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'Lincoln,' 'Django Unchained,' 'Argo' among Golden Globe nominees

Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” which tells the story of the famed president’s final days in office, earned seven Golden Globe nominations Thursday, including best movie in the drama category, best director for Spielberg, best actor for Daniel Day-Lewis and best supporting actress for Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln.

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