Teen asks Biden to prom, gets corsage from the VP

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A 17-year-old Connecticut high student decided last fall that she could only bear the idea of going to her high school prom if she could attend on the arm of “the most delightful man in America.”

That man? Joe Biden.

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Biden: I’m undecided, but ‘in my heart, I’m confident’ I’d be a good president

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Vice President Joe Biden tells Savannah Guthrie that though he’s “confident” he could be a good president, “it’s a very different decision whether or not to run.”

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Biden loves 7-year-old’s ‘chocolate bullets’ idea

(Photo: Garance Nelson)

When second-grader Myles Nelson came up with his unique way to make the world safer by using chocolate bullets instead of real ones, he decided he needed to share it with people in a position to do something about it. 

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Biden not shying away from 2016 speculation

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A potential Biden bid for the presidency will come as little surprise to observers of the vice president over the past few years; Biden has often dropped hints of his interest in running as Democrats’ nominee in 2016, and has repeatedly refused to rule out running in 2016 when asked.

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Should the current VP run in 2016? Will he?

Joe Biden sworn in for second term as vice president

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Joe Biden was sworn in to a second term as the Vice President of the United States on Sunday morning, taking his oath from Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor — the first Hispanic in American history to administer an oath of office. 

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Barack Obama is scheduled to be sworn in later this morning. For live coverage, visit nbcnews.com or tune to your local NBC affiliate at approximately 11:55am ET.

A Biden dictionary record? No malarkey

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Joe Biden: Delawarean. Vice president. Vocabulary muse.

In new data announced Wednesday by Merriam-Webster, a much-quoted Bidenism from the 2012 campaign set a record for the year in online lookups during a single 24-hour period.

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Joe Biden visits, shops at Washington’s new Costco

(Photo: Susan Walsh / AP)

Vice President Joe Biden made an appearance at a Washington D.C. Costco, during its grand opening on Thursday.

 Before getting down to the business of shopping, Biden paused to speak with Costco co-founder and former CEO James Sinegal.

"Thank you so much for being here," Sinegal told him.

"Are you kidding me?" an affable Biden responded. We go to your store between Stanton and Newark in Delaware… all the time.” 

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President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama embrace Joe Biden and Jill Biden, respectively, immediately after the presidential race was called at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago.

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Social media analysis: Love him or hate him, vice presidential debate was all about Biden

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Social media commentary was fairly closely divided on who did better in Thursday night’s vice presidential debate, according to NBC Politics’ computer-assisted analysis of more than half a million Twitter and Facebook posts during and after the debate — and people’s opinions either way largely came down to what they thought about Joe Biden’s hyperkinetic performance.

Foreign policy in focus at VP debate

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Vice President Joe Biden and GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan talk about the Benghazi, Libya consulate attack and Iran sanctions.

A pre-debate guide to BidenSpeak

(Photo: Nati Harnik / AP)

Vice President Joe Biden has worked to cultivate an identity as an accessible guy-next-door who can effortlessly pivot from lamenting unfair foreclosure practices to reminiscing about the cars he borrowed from his auto salesman dad in his youth.

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10 things to watch in tonight’s Biden-Ryan debate

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If one thing is certain about Thursday’s vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Republican challenger Paul Ryan, it’s that their lone showdown this fall is shrouded in uncertainty.