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NBC News Hashtag Collection: #WhyILoveDad

Yesterday was Father’s Day and to celebrate, we asked you to share photos of your dad on Instagram with the hashtag #WhyILoveDad. Thank you for sharing your pictures and stories with us. This week’s featured Instagrams are from @lizkoh3, @sydhuss, @maramj, @goingwiththeflo, @yoknapatawpha, @taramazing, @jennaevelyndill, @b_gm3 and @hellomynameisami. Be sure to follow @NBCNews on Instagram for upcoming Hashtag Collections.

Happy Father’s Day from NBC News

Husband and father, SPC Grant Powell and his 11 month old son, Jaxon. Grant deployed to Afghanistan when Jaxon was only 7 months old. Grant’s wife, Rose Powell told NBC News that her son Jaxon goes through a photo album of his father every day and listens to recorded voice messages to keep his memory of Grant going.

Share your Father’s Day story with us on Instagram with the hashtag #WhyILoveDad. We’ll feature them on Instagram and Tumblr Monday, June 17.

Your Instagram feed gets a website — finally

(Photo: Instagram)

The popular Instagram photo-sharing app has a new website where users can log in and see their feeds and recent photos — previously only possible from within the app.

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Merry Christmas from NBC News

Here are photos from our followers on Instagram who contributed to our NBC News Hashtag Collection. Share your Christmas photos with us with #HC_Christmas on Instagram. 

Instagram responds to outrage, tweaks privacy policy to limit photo use in ads

(Photo: Instagram)

Instagram, faced with thousands of angry users upset by news that the popular app would let advertisers pick and choose among user-posted photos for ads, reversed course and said late Tuesday it won’t allow that.

Instagram angers users with new privacy policy

(Photo: Instagram)

The nation’s supply of old-timey photos of whatever it is you’re eating may take a serious hit if Instagram users make good on threats to leave the the photo-sharing service following its new privacy policy. 

"We know these documents are a little dry, but they’re very important," reads Instagram’s opening salvo. ”Please take a moment to read through them so you keep feeling comfortable sharing your beautiful photos on Instagram.” 

Good luck with that. 

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NBC News Hashtag Collection: #WhyImThankful

Last week we asked users to share their Thanksgiving pictures and tell us what they were grateful this year. Thank you for sharing your photos. This week’s featured submissions are from @britneylush, @xjoemamax, @corey26point2, @stephivore, @kimberlydancer, @jenna_nicole_, @melissagrace7, @jwhitetorres and @natelandavasoClick on each of their names to see each of their stories. The next NBC News Hashtag Collection will be posted next week. 

How are Instagram users seeing Election Day? Check out, where we’re using geotags to display images from all 50 states. To participate, tag your voting photos with the #NBCPolitics hashtag and let us know where the photo was taken. And keep checking back all night long.

NBC News Special Coverage: #NBCPolitics

Election Day is only one day away. Share your election photos with the hashtag #NBCPolitics. We’ll be featuring your photos broken down by state on

Fake Sandy storm photos fool some, amuse others

(Photo via Buzzfeed)

Earlier Monday, as Sandy bore down on the East Coast, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom told via a spokeswoman, “There are now 10 pictures per second being posted with the hashtag #sandy — most are images of people prepping for the storm and images of scenes outdoors.”

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Tree stalker: Photographing a year in the life of a tree

(Photos: Mark Hirsch)

"I drove by that tree for 19 years and never took a single frame of it,” photographer Mark Hirsch told NBC News.  The tree, a massive oak, is on his way home, along a country road in southwest Wisconsin.

But one day when a friend challenged Hirsch to try out the camera on his new iPhone 4S, he stopped his truck and trudged 500 yards through the snow to make his first picture of the tree (left frame, above). Surprised by the image quality - despite being used to professional gear – he showed the pictures to another friend who told him it could be a cool project if he did more.