Hawaii to become 15th state to grant gay marriage — leapfrogging Illinois

(Photo: Hugh Gentry / Reuters)

Hawaii’s Senate on Tuesday passed same-sex marriage legislation in an historic ballot in the state where gays and lesbians couples first sought the right to wed more than 20 years ago.

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(Source: NBCNews.com)

Aloha, Mars! What we’ll eat, wear and play with to ease boredom in space

(Photo: Sian Proctor / HI-SEAS)

One month into a NASA-funded simulated space mission, a team of “gastronauts” on the slopes of Mauna Loa is already figuring out what to have for dinner on Mars.

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President Obama greets Marines in Hawaii on Christmas

(Photo: Larry Downing / Reuters)

KANEHOE, HAWAII – President Obama spent part of his last full day in Hawaii participating in an annual tradition for his wife Michelle and him: greeting Marines at the base near his vacation home here.

Final Capitol tribute to late Hawaii Sen. Inouye

(Photo: Frank Thorp / NBC News)

Sen. Daniel Inouye, the second-longest serving senator in U.S. history, was remembered Thursday as a man who gallantly defended his country on the battlefield and gracefully sought to better it during the 50-plus years he represented his beloved state of Hawaii. Colleagues and aides lined the Capitol rotunda five deep to say farewell.

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Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii dies at 88

(Photo: Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images file)

Daniel Inouye, the most senior senator in the U.S. Senate, has died of respiratory complications. He was 88.

Inouye, a Democrat from Hawaii, was hospitalized a week and a half ago at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he said he was working with doctors to regulate his oxygen intake.

He is survived by his wife, Irene Hirano, and son, Daniel “Kenny” Inouye. Kenny is his son with Margaret Shinobu Awamura, who died in 2006.

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Amputee’s 18-hour ordeal in Ironman triathlon: ‘One of the highlights of my life’

(Photo via NBC Bay Area)

When Jeff Schmidt completed the Ironman triathlon in Hawaii earlier this fall, crossing that finish line after nearly 18 hours on the course meant more than just the end of a race. It signified a positive highlight in a long physical and emotional battle the San Jose, Calif. resident has faced for over a decade.

Lava flows to the ocean in Hawaii, creating rare natural show

(Photo: Hugh Gentry / Reuters)

Reuters reportsA volcano on Hawaii’s largest island is spilling lava into the ocean, creating a rare and spectacular fusion of steam and waves that officials said could attract thrill-seeking visitors if it continues.

Lava from a vent in Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii began flowing into the ocean 7 miles away on Saturday. The volcano has been erupting continuously from its Pu’u O’o vent since 1983.

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