World’s oldest man dies in NY at age 112

(Photo: Guinness World Records via AP)

The world’s oldest man, a 112-year-old self-taught musician, coal miner and gin rummy aficionado from western New York, has died. He was 112.  

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Quinoa, mushrooms and coca: Bolivian says ancient Andean diet has kept him alive for 123 years

(Photo: David Mercado, Reuters)

Bolivian indigenous farmer Carmelo Flores, who could be the oldest person to have ever lived, attributes his longevity to quinoa grains, riverside mushrooms and around-the-clock chewing of coca leaves.

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Oldest man in recorded history dies at 116 in Japan

(Photo: Kyotango City Government via AFP - Getty Images, file)

A Japanese man who was recognized by Guinness World Records as the oldest person in recorded history died on Wednesday.

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World’s oldest woman Besse Cooper dies at 116 in Georgia nursing home

(Photo: Jessica Mcgowan / Guinness World Records)

Besse Cooper died peacefully at the Park Place nursing home in Monroe, Georgia, according to her son Sidney Cooper. “She got up this morning, had a big old breakfast and got her hair fixed,” the 77-year-old Cooper said. “It’s just like she got up planning to do it.”

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Impossibility Challenger features events not to be tried at home

(Photo: Laszlo Balogh / Reuters)

Hungary’s Attila Banyai reacts when a four-wheel-drive vehicle drives over him as he tries to break a Guinness record during the Impossibility Challenger.

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'Gangnam Style' shatters Guinness record for most 'liked' video in YouTube history

(Photo: YouTube)

On a day that shattered records — and perhaps the confidence of electro-pop duo LMFAO — Guinness World Records announced that the video for “Gangnam Style,” by Korean rapper PSY is the most liked video in YouTube history.

(Photo: Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Records 2013 Edition)  (Photo: Kevin Scott Ramos / Guinness World Records 2013 Edition) (Photo: Ryan Schude / Guinness World Records 2013 Edition)  (Photo: James Ellerker / Guinness World Records 2013 Edition)

Guinness World Records 2013

(Photos: Guinness World Records 2013 Edition)

Here are eye-popping images of the biggest, fastest, longest, weirdest and wackiest record breakers recognized in 2012 and featured in the 2013 edition of “Guinness World Records.”

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