Antarctica, Greenland ice definitely melting into sea, and three times faster, experts warn

(Photo: NASA Earth Observatory)

What had been a blurry picture about polar ice — especially how it impacts sea levels — just got a whole lot clearer as experts on Thursday published a peer-reviewed study they say puts to rest the debate over whether the poles added to, or subtracted from, sea level rise over the last two decades.

Heavenly halo lights up the Arctic

(Photo: Ed Stockard)

Is this heaven? No, it’s Greenland — lit up by a dazzling display of refracted sunlight.

These pictures are from Ed Stockard, who’s part of the team at Summit Station on the peak of the Greenland ice cap. The research facility, which is funded by the National Science Foundation, serves as an observation post for the complex interactions between the atmosphere and one of the world’s biggest reservoirs of ice.

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