UPDATE: 58 injured when commuter ferry crashes in Manhattan

(Photo: NBC News)

A commuter ferry crashed in Lower Manhattan on Wednesday morning, injuring 57 people, including one who was in critical condition with head wounds, officials said.

Rescuers search for Hong Kong ferry collision survivors at night

(Photo: Kin Cheung / AP)

At least eight people were reported dead and as many as 20 remained missing after a Hong Kong ferry carrying more than 120 people was hit by another vessel late Monday. 

Police in the Chinese territory said 101 people had been rescued in waters off the Lamma island village of Yung Shue Wan, according to the South China Morning Post.

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Woman yelling ‘I’m Jack Sparrow!’ hijacks ferry

(Photo: Peter Mountain / AP file)

Jack Sparrow, as played so memorably by Johnny Depp in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series, might be a pirate, but we kind of doubt he’d steal a passenger ferry and randomly crash it into other boats.