FBI investigates FEMA flood map changes after NBC News report

(Photo: NBC News)

FBI agents are interviewing employees at FEMA in an investigation of unusual changes in federal flood insurance maps that benefited oceanfront condo buildings with a history of flooding, according to sources familiar with the investigation.

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(Source: NBCNews.com)

FEMA leaves many Sandy victims languishing

(Photo: David Friedman / NBC News file)

BREEZY POINT, N.Y. — A first-of-its-kind home repair program pioneered by the federal government and local agencies has made thousands of New York City homes livable since Hurricane Sandy, but thousands of other homeowners are still waiting for help, and growing more frustrated with each passing day.

Red Cross pushes back on Sandy response, calls it ‘near flawless’

(Photo: John Moore / Getty Images)

The American Red Cross, which bills itself as “the world’s largest humanitarian network,” is pushing back against critics of its response to Hurricane Sandy, with the head of the organization saying its relief effort has been “near flawless” despite criticism from stranded storm victims and elected officials.