FAA to allow tablets and e-readers during all phases of flight

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BREAKING: FAA toughens requirements for co-pilots on commercial flights

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FAA to close 149 air traffic control towers to meet required budget cut

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CHICAGO — Under orders to trim hundreds of millions of dollars from its budget, the Federal Aviation Administration released a final list Friday of 149 air traffic control facilities that it will close at small airports around the country starting early next month.

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BREAKING: FAA grounds all Boeing 787s over safety concerns

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The Federal Aviation Administration grounded all Boeing 787 planes, also known as the “Dreamliner,” until the aircraft are proven to be safe to fly.

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FCC urges FAA to rethink electronic-devices-on-planes rule

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Air travelers who dread the moment when they have to turn off their smartphones and tablets on planes appear to have a powerful ally in the quest to change the rules: the government.

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