Election Day: What’s at stake at the polls

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Elections in Virginia, New Jersey, New York City and even Alabama could provide nationally resonant lessons for Republicans and Democrats alike.

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Biden not shying away from 2016 speculation

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A potential Biden bid for the presidency will come as little surprise to observers of the vice president over the past few years; Biden has often dropped hints of his interest in running as Democrats’ nominee in 2016, and has repeatedly refused to rule out running in 2016 when asked.

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Should the current VP run in 2016? Will he?

Hillary Clinton: ‘Maybe I’ll get a decorating show’

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A week hasn’t even passed since the 2012 election and already a new poll has announced Hillary Clinton as the runaway leader among 2016 favorites.

For her part, the well-traveled Secretary of State said she just wants a chance to “sleep and exercise and travel for fun” once she steps down from office.

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Breaking down last night’s results: Obama’s demographic edge

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Yes, the auto bailout mattered in Ohio. Sure, Hurricane Sandy helped the president. And, yes, the economy was the No. 1 issue. But make no mistake: What happened last night was a demographic time bomb that had been ticking and that blew up in GOP faces.

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As of 10:10pm ET, the following states have been called (those in red for Mitt Romney, those in blue for Barack Obama). The candidates are presently tied at 162 Electoral votes each.

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Democracy Plaza on Election Night 2012

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As of 8:05pm ET, NBC News declares Barack Obama the projected winner in DC, IL, RI, MA, MD, ME, DE, and CT. Mitt Romney the projected the projected winner in AL, GA, MS, TN, and OK. #NBCPolitics

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How to watch Election Day coverage with NBC News

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The big day is finally here. We’ve made it to Election Day 2012 with President Barack Obama seeking re-election and Republican challenger Mitt Romney hoping to lead the GOP back to the Oval Office. The race is neck-and-neck, with the final NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll (released Sunday) showing Obama getting support from 48 percent of likely voters, and Romney 47 percent. We’ll carry full Election Night coverage from Democracy Plaza and around the country live on NBC News and on your local affiliate, starting at 7 p.m. ET and running until at least 3 a.m. You can also get the full Election Night experience away from the television.

Romney, Obama hit must-win states in ‘barnburner’ campaign day

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President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney set about a “barnburner” of a schedule on Monday, the penultimate day of the 2012 election, courting voters in the must-win states of the 2012 campaign.

2012 Election Book from NBC News

The NBC News Political Unit has put together a briefing book for Election Day; a guide for users to better understand the upcoming  presidential, Senate, House, and gubernatorial contests.

This nearly 150-page guide offers the NBC News battleground map, information on the most important ballot measures to watch, ad spending tallies, voter turnout history, and past election results.

It also includes an hour-by-hour viewer’s guide to the top races in each state, and ponders the question, “What if there’s a tie?”

NBC News Special Coverage: #NBCPolitics

Election Day is only one day away. Share your election photos with the hashtag #NBCPolitics. We’ll be featuring your photos broken down by state on Electiongrams.com.

Take a tour of NBC’s Democracy Plaza

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NBC News has transformed its headquarters into Democracy Plaza, an interactive experience celebrating American democracy and citizenship. NBC’s Jenna Wolfe takes a look behind the scenes of the innovative exhibit, where thousands are expected to watch live coverage of the election on Tuesday.

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