Time-lapse map chronicles decades of global change as seen from space

(Photos: Google)

Satellite imagery can serve as a time machine, revealing dramatic change in just a few seconds — but can you imagine documenting almost three decades’ worth of all that change, across most of our planet’s land mass? A team of imaging experts, computer scientists and journalists did. Now they’ve unveiled the result: a globa database of zoomable, animated satellite views known as Timelapse.

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Our Fragile Earth

(Photo: NASA / AFP - Getty Images)

Images from outer space highlight the fragility - and the resilience - of our beautiful planet.

More views of Earth on Earth Day 2013.

'Black Marble' glitters with Earth's night lights

(Photo: NASA Earth Observatory)

NASA is known for its "Blue Marble" images, which show Earth’s sunlit disk as seen from space — and now it’s making a splash with the nighttime view, nicknamed the "Black Marble."

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Holiday calendar: Satellite spies a fantastic fan

(Photo: NASA)

This picture may remind you of an alien landscape, but it’s actually a look at our own planet from hundreds of miles above. NASA’s Terra satellite captured this view of a 35-mile-wide (55-kilometer-wide) alluvial fan in China’s Xinjiang Province in 2003.

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