Awesome and zesty: Tasting Taco Bell’s Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos

(Photo: Ben Popken)

Nuclear fission. The Oslo peace accords. Voltron. And now, another history-making epic combination is here: Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell. The dynamic flavor duo will officially launch March 7, but got a special sneak taste test Wednesday, in a downtown New York flower shop. My official journalistic tastebud investigation results: zesty! Cool! Ranchy!

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Alaska town gets free Taco Bell fare flown in after hoax

Residents of Bethel, Alaska, know from cable TV ads what the major fast-food chains offer: chicken at KFC, burgers at McDonald’s and tacos at Taco Bell.

They just haven’t been able to get any of it.

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