Vet and bomb-sniffing pal reunite after years apart


Deano Miller welcomed Thor to the Seattle area on Thursday, the culmination of Miller’s long effort to adopt his bomb-sniffing buddy.

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Puppy Love: Dog found alive in twister-ravaged home

(Photo: Brad Vest / The Commercial Appeal via AP)

Constance Lambert embraces her dog after finding it alive Monday when she returned to her destroyed home in Tupelo, Miss

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Mane event: China zoo’s ‘lion’ was living a lie as dog in disguise

(Photo: TODAY)

A Chinese zoo has been accused of lying about a lion and trying to pass off a dog as the king of beasts, state media reported Friday.

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Teens follow message in the woods to rescue lost dog

(Photo courtesy of Tom Croskey)

Five teenagers were enjoying the tail end of their first adult-free canoe trip on Sunday when they found a startling note inscribed on a rock near the shore of a small island in Cook County, Minn. “Lost dog. Call DNR. Red Sheltie,” the charcoal-written plea read.

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Man asks government to replace $500 his dog ate

(Photos: Eliza Wiley / Independent Record)

A Montana man is hoping the federal government will reimburse him for his dog’s expensive taste.

Wayne Klinkel said his golden retriever, Sundance, ate five $100 bills when he was left unattended in the car for a few minutes.

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Dog tied to railroad tracks saved by eagle-eyed engineer

(Photo: Riverside County Animal Services)

An elderly man who wanted to get rid of his dog tied the pooch to the train tracks — but his dastardly plan was foiled by an eagle-eyed engineer, according to authorities.

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United Airlines accidentally sends dog to Ireland instead of Phoenix

(Photo Courtesy Meredith Grant)

A dog that was supposed to be shipped to Phoenix but somehow ended up in Ireland has left United Airlines red-faced and an angry pet owner demanding answers.

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Iditarod dog dies after being buried in snow

(Photo: Anchorage Daily News, Bill Roth / AP)

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A dog left behind at a checkpoint along the route of the Iditarod sled-dog race in Alaska was smothered by windblown snow, in the event’s first canine death since 2009, officials said on Saturday.

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President George W. Bush’s dog Barney dies

(Photo: Rick Wilking / Reuters)

The 12-year-old dog served two terms as “first dog” and was featured in several short films (the “Barneycam”) produced by the White House Staff. He was also the star of the White House’s annual Christmas videos during the Bush administration.

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First glimpse of White House holiday decorations

(Photo: Jim Watson / AFP - Getty Images)

A stuffed replica of Bo, the presidential dog, wearing a Santa Claus hat at the White House.

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Beagles go from unwanted pets to border protectors

(Photo: Nightly News)

There are 115 Beagle Brigade teams across the country that patrol America’s ports of entry, finding fruits, meats and plants that could potentially devastate U.S. Agriculture. NBC’s Katy Tur reports on NBC Nightly News.

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Stick figures for peace in Scotland

(Photo: Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images)

Members from Faslane Peace camp take action outside the Scottish National Party headquarters on Thursday in Edinburgh, Scotland. The activists were acting as part of the “No To NATO Scotland Coalition,” using chalk to draw 24,000 figures on the pavement to represent the deaths of people that have been killed, to date, in the current Afghanistan campaign. 

Isaac tracks through the Gulf of Mexico

(Photo: Chris Graythen / Getty Images)

"Buddy" wears a life vest while walking on the levee near Lake Pontchatrain on Aug. 28 in New Orleans, La. 

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Uggie, ‘The Artist’ star, casts his paws in cement at Grauman’s

Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier and movie star who upstaged his human costars in “The Artist,” planted his paws in wet concrete at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, marking his retirement from the movies on Monday.

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