Romney meets with Obama at White House lunch

(Photo: AFP - Getty Images)

The winner of the presidential election met with the man he defeated Thursday as President Barack Obama had lunch at the White House with former Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

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Nonvoters: They’re too busy, fed up or say their vote doesn’t count

Since the 1960s, voter turnout has steadily declined in the U.S., which already ranks near the bottom among established democracies. In 2008, 64 percent of voting-age citizens voted, compared with 93 percent in Chile, 86 percent in Germany and 74 percent in Canada.

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We’re just two days away from Election Day. Reblog this post to remind others.

Are you still undecided? Could the candidates do anything to sway your vote?

We’re just 72 hours away from Election Day. Reblog this post to remind others.

It is hard to believe, but we are only three days away from Election Day 2012. What do you want to hear from Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the next few days?

We’re just 120 hours away from Election Day. Reblog this post to remind others.

What would you like to see out of each of the candidates over that time?

NYT: More suspicious voter forms found in Florida

(Photo: Damian Dovarganes / AP)

The number of Florida counties reporting suspicious voter registration forms connected to Strategic Allied Consulting, the firm hired by the state Republican Party to sign up new voters, has grown to 10, officials said, as local election supervisors continue to search their forms for questionable signatures, addresses or other identifiers.

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Polls: Obama holds the edge in Florida, Ohio and Virginia

(Photo: Ed Andrieski / AP)

After two political conventions and heading into the post-Labor Day sprint, President Barack Obama leads Republican nominee Mitt Romney in the key battlegrounds of Florida, Ohio and Virginia, according to new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls of each of these three states. 

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Romney in Michigan: ‘No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate’

(Photo: Evan Vucci / AP)

Updated 12:48 p.m. — COMMERCE, MI — Mitt Romney cracked a joke about his own birth certificate while campaigning Friday here in his native Michigan, instantly and perhaps inadvertently inserting himself into one of the most divisive controversies in the Obama presidency.

In a riff on Friday about being back in the state where he was born and raised, presumptive GOP presidential nominee made a joke alluding to the “birther” controversies that have dogged President Obama. 

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White House sand castle built to pay tribute to upcoming Republican convention

(Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images)

Artist Meredith Corson puts the finishing touches on a sand sculpture of the White House behind the Bilmar Beach Resort in Treasure Island, Fla., Aug. 23. The resort is also constructing sand sculptures of Abraham Lincoln & the Lincoln Memorial to coincide with the Republican National Convention, which starts in Tampa, Fla., next week.

Ron Paul’s presence to be felt in Tampa

(Photo: Richard Clement / Reuters)

Despite the delegates he won during the Republican presidential primary season, Ron Paul won’t be speaking at next week’s Republican convention in Tampa, Fla.

But his presence will be felt there — whether it’s his supporters who will be flocking to the city or his son Rand, who will be speaking at the convention.

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NBC/WSJ poll: Heading into conventions, Obama has four-point lead

(Photo: Matt Sullivan / Getty Images)

After Mitt Romney selected his vice presidential running mate, and just days before the political conventions kick off next week, President Barack Obama maintains his advantage in the race for the White House, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

A Democratic ticket featuring Obama and Vice President Joe Biden gets support from 48 percent of registered voters, and a Republican ticket of Romney and new running mate Paul Ryan gets 44 percent.

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How did they do it? Romney campaign explains how it kept the biggest secret in politics

(Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images file)

WASHINGTON & JANESVILLE, Wisc. — Mitt Romney’s months-long vice presidential selection process came to a close one week ago in a dining room in suburban Massachusetts, where Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, dressed casually to avoid detection during commercial flights, told Romney he would accept the GOP candidate’s offer to join the ticket.

Romney introduces Paul Ryan as his running mate

(Photo: Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA)

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney introduced his choice as running mate, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, 42, Saturday morning at a campaign event in Norfolk, Va.

The Romney campaign earlier announced the choice in a press release Saturday morning.

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