This kid is only 5, but he’s already a pro reporter

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This adorable tot taking over a Pennsylvania newscast is the cutest thing you’ll watch all day.

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Photo of baby sleeping on Santa goes viral

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Moms everywhere snap — and cherish — photos of their squishy, adorable babies. But sometimes, in the rarest of circumstances, a mother captures her own infant in an image so moving that it makes hundreds of thousands of people around the world gasp.

Orphaned baby beluga lost and found

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but what about an orphaned baby beluga? This 112-pound newborn whale calf was found without its mom in South Naknek, Alaska last Thursday just after a large storm swept over the open sea, according to a press release from the Alaska SeaLife Center. Rescuers tried to guide the stranded beluga back to deeper waters, but the disoriented infant kept returning to the shoreline, wandering further away from home. Three of the Center’s staffers fetched the homesick two or three day old calf, the first of its kind to be rescued in U.S. waters. 

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