Teen asks Biden to prom, gets corsage from the VP

(Photo: Evan Vucci / AP)

A 17-year-old Connecticut high student decided last fall that she could only bear the idea of going to her high school prom if she could attend on the arm of “the most delightful man in America.”

That man? Joe Biden.

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Humble-living Connecticut woman surprises town with millions from will

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Kathleen Magowan lived a frugal life with her twin brother, Robert, in the classic New England town of Simsbury, Conn., until she died in 2011 at age 87, remembered mainly for the 35 years she was a first-grade teacher in the local elementary schools.

But now the town of 23,000 people is buzzing with the news that Magowan had a secret. A big one.

A $6 million one.

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CCSU issues campus alert to seek shelter

(Photo via NBC Connecticut)

Central Connecticut State University, a public university in New Britain, Connecticut, has issued a campus emergency alert.

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12-year-old girl arrested for relentless bullying

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Delayed by war, Class of 1943 finally holds senior prom

(Photos: NBC News)

It took seven decades, but the Hillhouse High School Class of 1943 finally had its senior prom.

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60 injured, five critically, as trains collide in Connecticut

(Photo: Christian Abraham / AP)

Sixty people were injured, five of them critically, and rail traffic from New York to Boston was shut down after a Metro-North commuter train derailed and plowed into a second train Friday in Fairfield, Conn., Gov. Dan Malloy said.

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Virgin birth or hanky-panky? Anteater mom sparks a scientific debate

(Photo: LEOzoo.org)

Is it a case of anteater virgin birth, a hormonal quirk or just some desperate hanky-panky? Whatever it is, Armani the anteater’s surprising pregnancy has sparked a debate over what animals are capable of when it comes to sex.

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'I will chain my body to it': Sandy Hook Elementary’s future sparks passion

(Photo: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters file)

The emotionally charged question of whether to reopen the Sandy Hook Elementary School building, where 20 first-graders and six staffers were massacred, was discussed during a closed-door session Friday night.

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Connecticut governor signs comprehensive gun control legislation

Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy signed a broad new package of gun laws Thursday in the state where 20 children and 6 educators were slain in a brutal school shooting nearly four months ago.

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Connecticut lawmakers reach deal on ‘most comprehensive’ gun limits in US

(Photo: Michelle McLoughlin / Reuters, file)

Lawmakers’ proposed bill includes a ban on high-capacity magazines like those Adam Lanza used during his Newtown killing spree, a registry for existing high-capacity magazines and background checks for private gun sales.

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'Grandfather clause' in Connecticut gun bill angers Sandy Hook families 

(Photo: Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters file)

Lawmakers and families of the victims of the deadly shootings last year at a Connecticut elementary school were divided Monday over reported compromise legislation that would ban some but not all high-capacity ammunition magazines in the state.

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Danger not over as Northeast digs out after storm 

(Photo: Matthew Cavanaugh / EPA)

Ten deaths are blamed on the blizzard, including a boy killed by carbon monoxide; hundreds of thousands still without power.

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'it’s going to be crippling': huge storm closes in on northeast

(Photo via The Weather Channel)

With more than 50 million Americans in its path and Boston in the crosshairs, a dangerous winter storm churned Friday into the Northeast, where thousands of schools were closed and thousands of flights canceled as forecasters warned of a whiteout.

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Sandy Hook students return: New principal, new building, old desks

(Photo: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters)

For the first time in almost three weeks, students from Sandy Hook Elementary School did something Thursday that had once seemed so natural: They went to school.

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