What your sneeze says about your personality

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Some sound like mortar fire, others like somebody just stepped on a mouse.

We each have our own individual sneezing style. But what, exactly, determines whether those sneezes come out dainty and demure or whether they blow down the whole dang house?

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Frigid temperatures continue to blast Northeast, Midwest; ice hits the South

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Capping off a brutal week of frigid conditions and subzero wind chills, residents across much of the country on Friday were still experiencing some of the coldest temperatures in years — with southern states getting a rare icy blast.

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Family in Sandy-damaged home suffers in deep freeze: ‘This is being exposed outdoors’

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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Dee and Scott McGrath were huddled under two blankets, both wearing hooded sweatshirts and pants, with an electric heater by their bed. Dee heard her daughter coughing through the night from the room next door and feared she was getting sick.

Bridgeport Warehouse Fire Flares Again

(Photos: Maria Ruiz, WMAQ freelance photographer)

The fire that lit up Chicago skies Tuesday night and consumed a third of the city’s fire department rekindled Thursday morning.

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Water freezes over the Bryant Park Water Fountain in New York City

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Summer’s over: Canada blasts down arctic chill

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It will be a cold week for millions as arctic blasts continue to move in from Canada. Expect record lows, stormy weather and perhaps even some snow from the Northern Plains to the Great Lakes. NBC’s Michelle Franzen and The Weather Channel’s Julie Martin report.

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