BREAKING: Hagel says US intelligence believes Syria may have used chemical weapon

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Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Thursday that the U.S. believes “with some degree of varying confidence” the Syrian government has used chemical weapons — specifically the nerve agent sarin — against its own people.

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It’s official: Senate confirms Hagel as next defense secretary

(Photo: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters)

The Senate voted to confirm former Sen. Chuck Hagel as President Barack Obama’s next secretary of defense following weeks of dogged opposition by Republican senators to their erstwhile colleague.

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Senate ends Hagel filibuster, moving defense pick toward confirmation

(Photo: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters)

Former Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., moved a step closer to becoming the nation’s next defense secretary after the Senate voted Tuesday to end debate on his nomination, and move toward a final confirmation vote. 

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Republicans press Hagel on nuclear arsenal and Iran

(Photo: Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP)

Former senator Chuck Hagel, President Barack Obama’s choice to be secretary of defense faced skeptical questions from Republicans during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday.

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In Senate confirmation hearing, Kerry addresses Hagel, Syria

President Barack Obama’s choice to be secretary of state, Sen. John Kerry, D- Mass, began his confirmation hearing Thursday morning before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, one day after the same committee conducted a fractious hearing with current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over last September’s attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya.

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Powell champions Hagel as defense secretary and rips some Republicans

(Photo: Meet the Press)

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday that President Barack Obama’s nominee to be defense secretary, former Sen. Chuck Hagel, was “superbly qualified” and would be a strong advocate for Americans in uniform.

Obama taps ‘American patriot’ Hagel for Pentagon job

(Photo: Charles Dharapak / AP)

President Barack Obama named his choices for two of the nation’s prominent national security posts Monday, teeing up a likely confirmation struggle over his pick for the Secretary of Defense, a position that’s historically drawn overwhelming bipartisan support.

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Hagel likely to be nominated for Defense Secretary next week

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Multiple sources on Capitol Hill and in key special-interest groups involved in national security issues say they have been told to be prepared for a Chuck Hagel nomination for Defense Secretary, either as early as Monday or perhaps more likely Tuesday of next week.