Space station chief returns home a star

(Photo: NASA)

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield spent his five months in orbit with songs, snapshots, and social media. As he travels back Earth, his son reflects on what’s next for the sudden celebrity.

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WATCH LIVE: Commander Chris Hadfield and crew return to earth aboard Soyuz spacecraft

Astronaut celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in space

(Photo: Canadian Space Agency/Chris Hadfield)

You don’t need gravity to have a great St. Patrick’s Day, just ask astronaut Chris Hadfield on the International Space Station.

Hadfield, a Canadian Space Agency astronaut, is celebrating the Irish holiday in orbit by wearing a green shirt and a bright green bow tie Sunday while photographing Ireland from space.

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Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield assumes command of space station

(Photo: NASA)

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield took the helm of the International Space Station on Wednesday, marking only the second time in the outpost’s 12-year history that command has been turned over to someone who is not American or Russian.

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Space station skipper beams down beautiful views

(Photo: Chris Hadfield via Twitter)

Astronaut Chris Hadfield has made a name for himself as the International Space Station’s first Canadian commander, the"Singing Spaceman" and Star Trek skipper William Shatner’s Twitter buddy — but he’s also one heck of a photographer.