GM recalls another 718,000 U.S. vehicles

The six recalls are for varying reasons, but not for ignition switches.


Flying car moves from science fiction toward reality

(Photo: Terrafugia)

Flying cars have long been the stuff of science fiction, though plenty of entrepreneurs and visionaries have struggled to make the concept a reality – including no less than the original Henry Ford.

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LaFerrari is fastest, most expensive and totally sold out

(Photo: Pierre Andrieu / AFP - Getty Images)

It’s the fastest production car Ferrari ever built. And the most powerful. And, priced at $1.4 million, it’s the most expensive.

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Nissan pledge: A car that drives itself by 2020

(Photo: HO / AFP - Getty Images)

Look, ma, no hands!

Nissan, the sixth-largest automaker in the United States, announced Tuesday it will sell a self-driven car by 2020.

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Car culture shock: Americans putting brakes on driving

(Photo: Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA file)

It may not seem like there are fewer traffic jams, and the gas station probably looks busier than ever every time you stop to fill up.

But a new study shows that Americans are actually driving less. We’re seeing a steady shift in how people get around, with more people leaving their keys at home and finding other ways to get around.

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Expect millions of electric car charging stations by 2020

(Photo: Jim Wilson/New York Times file [2010])

Tesla Motors might have scored its first-ever profit during the first quarter, but sales of plug-in vehicles are lagging below expectations, which analysts blame on the high price of battery-based vehicles as well as their limited range.

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America’s texting-and-driving problem isn’t getting better, study reveals

(Photo: Mike Blake / Reuters file)

At any moment on a regular weekday in 2011, about 660,000 people across the U.S. were sitting in the drivers seat and talking on their cell phones. Twice that number were engaging with their mobile device in some way, checking calendar appointments perhaps, replying to email or planning a route on their maps app.

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San Jose man drives car into Walmart, beats customers

(Photo: San Jose Fire Department)

A man drove a car into a San Jose Walmart, then grabbed a blunt object and began beating customers Sunday morning, police said.

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Riding in style: The evolution of the popemobile

(Photos: Daimler, Alessandro Di Meo / EPA)

Comes outfitted in protective bullet-proof glass. Draws a crowd wherever it goes. A driver is included; gold trim is optional.

Popemobiles also include such amenities as a handrail to let the pope easily stand and wave while in motion, a built-in stereo and arctic-cool air conditioning.

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Airport runway becomes parking lot for Sandy-damaged vehicles

(Photo: Stan Honda / AFP - Getty Images)

Insurance Auto Auctions Inc., a salvage auto auction company specializing in total-loss vehicles, acquired cars and trucks damaged by super storm Sandy and are temporarily storing them at Calverton Executive Airpark in Calverton, N.Y.

During blackout, man uses Toyota Prius to light house

(Photo: NBC New York)

Amid continued power outages in parts of the Northeast, many residents found temporary refuge from cold and dark homes inside their cars. For one New Jersey man, he used the power from his hybrid car to light up his entire house.

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Honda introduces car designed just for women

The auto industry has traditionally been male-dominated but Honda has rolled out a new model it claims to have specifically designed with women in mind.

The new Honda Fit She’s is a pretty-in-pink version of the maker’s familiar subcompact that offers a few niceties the maker believes will specifically appeal to distaff buyers, such as a windshield designed to block skin-wrinkling ultraviolet rays.

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What do you think of this idea? Is it smart or sexist?

Heavy going in Myanmar’s transportation

(Photo: Damir Sagolj / Reuters)

For more than a century, owners of ox-drawn carts, World War Two-era trucks and decrepit buses have descended on a shrine under a banyan tree in Myanmar’s biggest city to bless one of the world’s oldest vehicle fleets, dominated by wheezing Japanese rust-buckets from the 1980s or older. Today, as the country emerges from 49 years of isolation, the Shwe Nyaung Pin Nat Shrine has new visitors - freshly minted cars. 

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Surprise! 102-year-old receives college tuition, car products for life

(Photo: Mike Cardew  /  Akron Beacon Journal)

At age 102, car enthusiast Margaret Dunning is gearing up for her next great adventure: She’s heading back to college to finish her business degree.

Mere hours ago, Dunning — who had to drop out of the University of Michigan nearly 80 years ago during the Great Depression — had no idea that homework and tests were about to loom large in her life once again. But she’s lived long enough to know that happy surprises can come at the most unexpected times — and on Wednesday afternoon, the surprise she got was a doozy.

At 102, she changes oil, spark plugs on her 82-year-old car

(Photo: Mike Cardew  /  Akron Beacon Journal)

Pop math quiz: If you cherished and maintained the same car for 63 years and you changed your own oil every 3,000 miles, how much money would you save?

Answer: A lot.

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