Fat Tuesday: Carnival celebrations culminate on Mardi Gras around the world

(Photo: Tasso Marcelo Leal / AFP - Getty Images)

Brazil’s Carnival maintains a frenetic pace as celebrations continue around the world on Fat Tuesday.

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Pope Francis meets his ‘Mini-Me’ as Carnival starts

(Photo: Osservatore Romano via EPA)

This toddler, bedecked as a mini-Pope, did not particularly enjoy his audience with Pope Francis in Saint Peter’s Square on Wednesday. 

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Stranded cruise passenger: Crew was ‘amazing’ in ‘rough’ conditions

(Photo: TODAY)

Back on dry land after five days on the disabled Carnival Triumph cruise ship, passengers described appallingly unsanitary conditions, but praised the work of the crew in a difficult situation.

“It was really rough,’’ passenger Julie Billings told Matt Lauer on TODAY Friday. “It was like post-natural disasters, but stuck on a boat with 3,200 other people and those poor workers trying to clean up after everyone and deal with everyone freaking out.’’

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