How one blind, deaf man experienced World Cup

(GIF: Sarah Coffey / NBC News)

Brazilian sign language instructor Hélio Fonseca de Araújo simply wanted to watch Brazil’s opening World Cup opening match with his friend, Carlos. And thanks to a bit of ingenuity and a homemade field, the unimaginable has become reality.

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Echolocation helps kids, adults learn to ‘see’ with sound

(Photo: NBC News)

By clicking their tongues, a class of blind students learned to walk through a crowded downtown arcade without the help of guides. Daniel Kish, a well-known advocate for echolocation, teaches them how to use sonar to find their way.

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Blind runner’s despair turns to joy at Paralympics

(Photo: Kerim Okten / EPA)

Blind Brazilian runner Terezinha Guilhermina and her guide Guilherme Soares de Santana react after crossing the finish line to win the Women’s 100m T11 final at the Paralympic Games in London on Wednesday night. 

Blind or partially-sighted athletes are permitted to use a guide runner in Paralympic races, but the guide is never permitted to cross the finish line before the blind runner. At the 2012 Games, guides became eligible for medals for the first time.

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