Germany’s largest baby ever makes a big debut

(Photo: Waltraud Grubitzsch / AP)

When baby girl Jasleen came into the world last week at University Hospital in Leipzig, Germany, she weighed in as the country’s largest-ever at 13.47 pounds and 22.6 inches long, according to the New York Daily News.

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Baby born with heart outside her chest is beating odds

(Photo: Mayra Beltran / Houston Chronicle via AP)

A Texas woman received tragic news 16 weeks into her pregnancy: An ultrasound showed that her fetus was developing with a rare heart malformation that almost always proves fatal.

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Photo of baby sleeping on Santa goes viral

(Photo Copyright Sarah Pasley)

Moms everywhere snap — and cherish — photos of their squishy, adorable babies. But sometimes, in the rarest of circumstances, a mother captures her own infant in an image so moving that it makes hundreds of thousands of people around the world gasp.

He’ll ‘steal your heart’: Post-surgery baby photo goes viral

(Photo: TODAY)

The smiling infant in the photo seems oblivious to the huge surgery scar running down his chest – perhaps that’s why 3 month-old Joseph Powling’s photo has become the latest Web meme, with more than a million likes on Facebook.

Awkward baby passport photo goes viral

(Photo: Via imgur)

We know how you feel, young traveler. Welcome to the club.

Anyone who has ever been stuck with what seems like the world’s most awkward passport photo, prompting giggles from customs officials at borders around the globe, will get a smile out of this 5-month-old boy’s first try at looking suave for his passport.

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