Katniss, Django among most popular baby names this year

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Forget about Jacob and Sophia. How about naming the newest member of your family Katniss or Django?

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'Reasons My Son is Crying' dad: 'Every parent experiences meltdowns'

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Greg Pembroke is as patient a dad as he can be, but with two boys under 4, his fortitude gets tested quite a bit. Instead of letting those youngsters get the better of him, the Rochester, N.Y., dad decided to have a little fun.

Pembroke, 32, is the father behind the latest viral parenting blog, the Tumblr page aptly titled, “Reasons My Son Is Crying,” a collection of photographs of his younger son, 20-month-old Charlie, in various states of distress.

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Check the baby! 1 in 10 new moms shows signs of OCD, study finds

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Dr. Dana Gossett still remembers the unsettling and obsessive thoughts that filled her brain after her first child was born.

She worried that the baby would roll out of bed. She fretted repeatedly that she’d fall down the stairs while carrying her daughter, now a healthy 13-year-old.

“These are thoughts that come unbidden into your mind. They just appear there and can be uncomfortable,” recalls Gossett, chief of the obstetrics and gynecology division at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

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Texas woman has two sets of identical twins in one day

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Valentine’s day brought a very special delivery to Tressa and Manuel Montalvo of Houston: two sets of identical twins.

The quadruplets were conceived spontaneously, without the help of any fertility treatments or drugs – something that has a one in 70 million chance of happening, the hospital says.

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Top baby names of 2012: Aiden, Sophia get competition from Betty White and ‘Fifty Shades’

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Hello there, little Baby Aiden and Baby Sophia. Yes, there will be many of you scampering around the playground in a few years, but make way for the new Bettys, Harrys and Greys of the world.

BabyCenter released its annual list of top 100 baby names for 2012 today, with Aiden capturing the top boys’ spot for the eighth consecutive year while Sophia is enjoying her reign for the third year in a row.

Yahoo’s new CEO: Having a baby has been ‘easy’

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"The baby’s been easy!" Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer told an invite-only crowd at a Fortune ”Most Powerful Women” event on Tuesday evening in Palo Alto, Calif., while adding that her priorities in life are God, family and Yahoo.

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Awkward! Your world-weary passport photos

The late humorist Erma Bombeck once wrote a book titled, “When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It’s Time to Go Home.”

After seeing some of your passport mug shots, we’d have to agree. We understand that, just as this little guy’s pic shows, passport photos do not always present our best face to the world.

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