'Story of resilience': Aurora pays homage to shooting victims

(Photo: Dana Romanoff / Getty Images)

Coloradans paid tribute to the victims of the Aurora movie theater massacre with a city-sponsored “Day of Remembrance” marking the one-year anniversary of the shooting on Saturday.

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Aurora, Colo., theater opens to shooting victims and their families

(Photo: Jonathan Castner / AFP - Getty Images file)

The Aurora, Colo., theater where a gunman opened fire at movie-goers in a midnight premiere of a Batman movie, killing 12 and injuring 58, is open to victims and their families.

The theater was reopened on Tuesday and Wednesday for private visits, and on Thursday a grand opening ceremony and formal reopening is planned, local media reported.

'Rot in hell, Holmes!': Anger after judge postpones Aurora suspect's arraignment

(Photo: Bill Robles / AP)

The families of Aurora massacre victims erupted in anger Friday when a judge postponed the arraignment of suspect James Holmes – with one yelling out, “Rot in hell, Holmes!”

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Police: 4 dead, including gunman, in Aurora, Colo., hostage situation

(Photo: NBC News)

Three people were found dead inside a home in Aurora, Colo., after a gunman took them hostage early Saturday morning, police told NBC affiliate KUSA. The gunman was also shot and killed by police after hours of failed negotiation attempts.  

Another person who had been inside the house was able to escape and alert authorities, KUSA reported.

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Northern lights shine with the moon

(Photo: Jonathan Tucker)

The good news is that the northern lights hit the heights this weekend, with auroral displays visible as far south as Illinois — and the bad news wasn’t all that bad. Sure, the glare of the “Harvest Moon” interfered somewhat, but you could argue that the moonlight added some extra shine to the show.

The northern lights are such a subtle phenomenon that they’re best seen from the countryside, far from city lights, and that was the case for Jonathan Tucker, who captured the “September Lights” you see above on Sunday night, near Whitehorse in Canada’s Yukon Territory.

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'Tis the season for northern lights

(Photo: Ed Stockard)

Summer isn’t even over in the Northern Hemisphere, but the season of the northern lights is clearly getting an early start.

Saturday’s autumnal equinox marks the traditional start of the aurora season in Arctic regions, and with solar activity building up to the top end of its 11-year cycle, we can expect more than the usual allotment of glow-in-the-dark skies. For some reason, this last week of summer has been particularly active on the sun.

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Families of victims of theater shooting in Colorado slam relief fund

(Photo: NBC News)

The families of victims of the Colorado movie theater massacre said Tuesday at an emotionally charged news conference that although a fund intended to help them had raised more than $5 million, they had been shut out of the decision-making process.

NYT: ‘I am bad news,’ Aurora gunman James Eagan Holmes warned weeks before attack

(Photo: Rj Sangosti  /  Reuters, file)

The text message, sent to another graduate student in early July, was cryptic and worrisome. Had she heard of “dysphoric mania,” James Eagan Holmes wanted to know?

The psychiatric condition, a form of bipolar disorder, combines the frenetic energy of mania with the agitation, dark thoughts and in some cases paranoid delusions of major depression.

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Nurse who aided shooting victims in Aurora, Colo., theater attack drowns

(Photo Courtesy of Dignity Memorial)

Nurse Jennifer Gallagher, who helped treat victims of the Aurora theater shooting in Colorado, has drowned while on a family vacation in Iowa.

Gallagher, 46, of Denver, went swimming in West Lake Okoboji the night of Aug. 6 and her body was found the next day, according to the Sheriff’s Office in Dickinson County, Iowa.

James Holmes charged with murder in Colorado theater shooting

James Holmes was charged with 24 counts of murder Monday in the deaths of 12 people at a Batman movie premiere in Aurora, Colo.

The murder charges included 1 count of murder, and 1 counts of “murder of extreme indifference,” for each of the victims, according to NBC’s Mike Taibbi.

Shotgun pellet’s ‘miracle’ path spared Aurora victim’s life

(Photo: Miranda Leitsinger / NBC News)

Petra Anderson, one of 58 people injured in the Aurora movie theater attack, is lucky to alive. Three pellets struck her arm and one rocketed through her head, but it missed the brain’s many blood vessels and key sections controlling vital functions, according to her doctor.

“If the pellet had wavered a millimeter, really in any direction from what it actually took, then she would have likely either died or been severely injured,” said Dr. Michael Rauzzino, a neurosurgeon at The Medical Center of Aurora who operated on Anderson to remove the pellet.

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Hospitals waive fees, co-pay for Colorado shooting victims

Heather Rousseau  /  Polaris)

Three hospitals taking care of people wounded in the Colorado theater shooting said Wednesday they will limit or completely wipe out medical bills for the victims.

Some victims, many of them young, are uninsured and face mounting hospital bills.

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