Digital art from Andy Warhol rediscovered on floppy disks

(Photo: Andy Warhol Foundation for The Visual Arts)

Several lost works from Andy Warhol have been rediscovered… on a set of Amiga floppy disks dating from 1985. They may look pretty humble today, but back then, these pieces were marvels of modernity.

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‘Angel of 9/11’: Face seen in twisted WTC beam

(Photo: Mary Altaffer / AP)

At left, a piece of “Impact Steel,” a twisted girder from the North Tower of the World Trade Center that is now housed at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. At right, a close-up of the girder highlights what appears to be a shadowy face within the metal. 

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'Sunset at Montmajour': Long-lost Vincent Van Gogh painting discovered

(Photo: Peter Dejong / AP)

The Van Gogh Museum says it has identified a long-lost Vincent Van Gogh painting that spent years in a Norwegian attic and was believed to be by another painter. It is the first full-size canvas by the Dutch master discovered since 1928.

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Massive art installation in Washington, D.C., calls attention to genocide

(Photo: Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP)

Bones, crafted by students, artists and activists, are placed on the lawn of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on June 8, during a massive installation called One Million Bones. The installation is meant to symbolize a mass grave and is a visible petition for bold action toward an end to genocide and mass atrocities.

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Fashion photographer focuses on those with genetic conditions to reframe beauty

(Photo: Rick Guidotti)

Interviewed for NBC’s Rock Center, photographer Rick Guidotti said: “It’s not about saying, “Compare Claudia Schiffer or Cindy Crawford to this girl. It’s about— it’s about reinterpreting beauty. It’s about having an opportunity to see beyond what you’re told and what we’re forced to believe that that’s beauty.”

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NYC artist’s photos of unknowing subjects raise privacy concerns

(Photo: Bebeto Matthews / AP)

To the well-known photographer who shot them with a telephoto lens, the pictures of people going about their daily lives in the building across the street constitute art.

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Giant rubber ducky’s not-so-lucky ending

(Photo: Tyrone Siu / Reuters)

A deflated Rubber Duck by Dutch conceptual artist Florentijn Hofman floats on Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, with the island skyline looming at the background, May 14. The 16.5-meter-high inflatable sculpture, which made its first public appearance in the territory on May 2, will be shown at the Ocean Terminal for a month.

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'Art of Science' exhibit makes the connection between truth and beauty

(Photo: Anna Hiszpanski and Yueh-Lin Loo / Princeton)

Worms are a source of wonder in this year’s crop of aesthetically pleasing scientific images, served up by Princeton University’s Art of Science Competition.

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‘Grumpy Cat’ becomes artistic muse for online auction

(Photo: Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment)

She’s been an Internet celebrity, morning show guestSouth by Southwest star and magazine cover girl. And now, Tardar Sauce aka “Grumpy Cat,” the sourpuss that’s spawned a million memes, can add a new role to the list: Artist’s muse. 

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The world is its bathtub: Giant rubber duckie continues international tour

(GIF: Sarah Coffey / NBC News)

A giant rubber duck created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is towed along Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor on May 2, 2013. “Rubber Duck,” which is 54 feet high, will be in Hong Kong until June 9. Since 2007, the duck has traveled to 10 countries and 12 cities.

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Dolls without makeup: An artist’s vision goes viral

(Photo: Nickolay Lamm)

Barbie has been scrutinized for years over everything from her controversial body proportions to her outfits and accessories to her careers. But there is one aspect of her persona that Nickolay Lamm feels consumers have glossed over: her heavy makeup.

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Picked up for 3 bucks, Chinese bowl goes for $2.2 million at auction

(Photo: Sotheby’s via AP)

A Chinese bowl that a New York family picked up for $3 at a garage sale turned out to be a 1,000-year-old treasure and has sold at auction for $2.2 million.

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Dad’s photos of daughter, 5, look like classic paintings

(Photo Courtesy Bill Gekas)

At first glimpse, they look like classic paintings you might see hanging in the Louvre — but actually they’re photos taken by a photographer in Australia of his 5-year-old daughter, Athena.

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Giant ‘Miracle Garden’ is Dubai’s latest over-the-top attraction

(Photo Courtesy Dubai Miracle Garden) 

No, it’s not a mirage. An impossibly huge and colorful garden is blooming in the desert climate of Dubai, aiming to set world records and lure visitors with sensory delights.

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Japan town demands underwear for Michelangelo’s David

(Photo: Okuizumo Government via AFP - Getty Images, file)

Agence France-Presse reports — A replica of Michelangelo’s Renaissance sculpture David that was erected suddenly last summer is unnerving residents of a Japanese town, with some calling for the naked masterpiece to be given underwear.

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