'Unstoppable' Antarctic ice sheet collapse has begun, scientists say

(Photo: James Yungel / NASA)

Two teams of scientists say the long-feared collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has begun, kicking off what they say will be a centuries-long, “unstoppable” process that could raise sea levels by as much as 15 feet.

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(Source: NBCNews.com)

Helicopter rescues all 52 passengers from stranded ship in Antarctica

(Photo: Andrew Peacock / AFP - Getty Images)

All 52 passengers who were stranded aboard an ice-locked ship in Antarctica for more than a week were rescued by helicopter early Thursday, officials said.

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Now that’s c-c-c-cold: Antarctica sets record of -135.8 degrees!

(Photo: Atsuhiro Muto)

Feeling chilly? Here’s cold comfort: You could be in East Antarctica, which according to new data set a record for soul-crushing cold.

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Iceberg bigger than Chicago breaks off Antarctica glacier

(Photo: Angelika Humbert, Alfred-Wegener-Institute)

A massive iceberg, larger than the city of Chicago, broke off Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier on Monday and is now floating freely in the Amundsen Sea, according to a team of German scientists.

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Humans visit and confirm existence of penguin colony

(Photo: International Polar Foundation)

The existence of a 9,000-strong colony of emperor penguins in East Antarctica has been confirmed by three people who visited it for the first time.

Antarctica, Greenland ice definitely melting into sea, and three times faster, experts warn

(Photo: NASA Earth Observatory)

What had been a blurry picture about polar ice — especially how it impacts sea levels — just got a whole lot clearer as experts on Thursday published a peer-reviewed study they say puts to rest the debate over whether the poles added to, or subtracted from, sea level rise over the last two decades.

Two new emperor penguin colonies spied in Antarctica

(Photo: Robin Cristofari / CNRS / Institut polaire francais IPEV)

Researchers have finally found a long-sought colony of emperor penguins in eastern Antarctica, but they say it’s been split in two due to a glacier break. Moreover, a tally of the 6,000 chicks among these two populations suggests there are more emperor penguin parents in this part of the frozen continent than previously thought.