Secret coded plea on National Weather Service site: ‘PLEASE PAY US’

(Photo: NBC News)

Someone at the Anchorage, Alaska, office of the National Weather Service has a message for Americans four days into the shutdown of the federal government: PLEASE PAY US

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Thousands of dinosaur tracks found along Alaska’s Yukon River

(Photo: Pat Druckenmiller)

Researchers may have just scratched the surface of a major new dinosaur site nearly inside the Arctic Circle. This past summer, they discovered thousands of fossilized dinosaur footprints, large and small, along the rocky banks of Alaska’s Yukon River.

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Lava fountain, ash cloud erupt from Alaska volcano

(Photo: Theo Chesley / Alaskan Volcano Observatory via AP)

A remote Alaska volcano continues to erupt, spewing lava and ash clouds.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory said Thursday a continuous cloud of ash, steam and gas from Pavlof Volcano has been seen 20,000 feet above sea level.

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Iditarod dog dies after being buried in snow

(Photo: Anchorage Daily News, Bill Roth / AP)

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A dog left behind at a checkpoint along the route of the Iditarod sled-dog race in Alaska was smothered by windblown snow, in the event’s first canine death since 2009, officials said on Saturday.

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Large earthquake strikes off Alaska coast, prompting tsunami warnings

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Alaska near midnight on Friday, the U.S. Geological Survey said, prompting tsunami warnings and advisories down the coast of Alaska and Canada’s British Columbia.

All tsunami warnings, watches and advisories were later canceled, the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center (of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) said.

5-mile-long landslide in Alaska national park; warming eyed as possible culprit

A massive landslide sent tons of rock and debris tumbling more than five miles down a glacier in Alaska, the National Park Service reported in an event that could be yet another sign of a warming world.

Located in a remote area of Glacier Bay National Park, the slide was so big it registered on earthquake monitors as a magnitude 3.4 event.

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Orphaned baby beluga lost and found

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but what about an orphaned baby beluga? This 112-pound newborn whale calf was found without its mom in South Naknek, Alaska last Thursday just after a large storm swept over the open sea, according to a press release from the Alaska SeaLife Center. Rescuers tried to guide the stranded beluga back to deeper waters, but the disoriented infant kept returning to the shoreline, wandering further away from home. Three of the Center’s staffers fetched the homesick two or three day old calf, the first of its kind to be rescued in U.S. waters. 

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Alaska town gets free Taco Bell fare flown in after hoax

Residents of Bethel, Alaska, know from cable TV ads what the major fast-food chains offer: chicken at KFC, burgers at McDonald’s and tacos at Taco Bell.

They just haven’t been able to get any of it.

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White out: A rapidly intensifying storm approaching the west coast of Alaska could become “one of the worst on record” for the region, the National Weather Service said in an alert.

"Essentially the entire west coast of Alaska is going to see blizzard and winter conditions: heavy snow, poor visibility, high winds," Bob Fischer, lead NWS forecaster in Alaska, told

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